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Corps à corps,
Histoire(s) de la photographie

Centre Pompidou Paris, 
23/09/06 - 24/03/25

Ça a été, Chantal Stoman 2021

Bringing together more than 500 photographs and documents taken by some 120 historical and contemporary photographers, “Corps à corps” offers a unique look at photographic representations of the humankind in the 20th and 21st centuries.


A meeting between two exceptional collections – the public one of the National Museum of Modern Art, Center Pompidou, and the private one of the collector and cinema man Marin Karmitz.


Curated by Julie Jones & Marin Karmitz. 


Épreuves de la matière,
La photographie contemporaine et ses métamorphoses

Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, 
23/10/10 - 24/02/04

ÇA _A_ÉTÉ_58_Stoman_edited.jpg

 Crossed by multiple plastic explorations, the questioning around matter irrigates all fields of photography, from the creative process to the presentation of images. Drawing on the BnF's rich collection of contemporary photographs, the exhibition reveals the capacity for metamorphosis of photographic material but also its possible disappearance. 


Through the unique works of nearly two hundred French and foreign

photographers, a sensitive and embodied history of photography is revealed.


Curated by Héloïse Conésa.


Noir & Blanc :
une esthétique de lphotographie 

Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, 
23/10/17 - 24/01/21


 This exhibition brings together black and white masterpieces from the photographic collections of the National Library of France. Nadar, Man Ray, Ansel Adams, Willy Ronis, Helmut Newton, Diane Arbus, Mario Giacomelli, Robert Frank, William Klein, Daido Moriyama, Valérie Belin…: the big names in French and international photography are brought together in a journey which presents approximately 300 prints and embraces 150 years of history of black and white photography, from its origins in the 19th century to contemporary creation.

Curated by Sylvie Aubenas, Héloïse Conésa, Flora Triebel, Dominique Versavel



Une histoire d'images :
donation Antoine de Galbert

Musée des Beaux-Arts, Grenoble 
23/12/16 - 24/03/03


From December 16, 2023 to March 3, 2024, the museum will present under the title "Une histoire d'images" (A story of images), the first assessment of the collection of photographs collected over the last 4 years thanks to regular donations made by Antoine de Galbert and his Foundation. Through 270 images taken by 95 photographers, from Dorothea Lange to Wiktoria Wojciechowska, from Paul Strand  to David Goldblatt, this exhibition will offer an impressive panorama of our times and the determining role played by photography in the development of our perceptions and contemporary mythologies.




Japan Foundation

Los Angeles

exhibition & screening
23/06/02 - 23/08/05


The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles is pleased to announce its exhibition of French artist Chantal Stoman's ŌMECITTÀ, a one-of-a-kind photography project with a companion documentary. While in Japan in 2017, Chantal Stoman heard rumors of a town that had once been the epicenter of cinema during the Showa era, though no pictures nor online mentions of it existed. The name of this town was Ōme. After doing her own research and still not being able to find anybody in all of Tokyo who had been to or had even heard of Ōme, Chantal Stoman went there herself and was amazed at what she found. Decorating the town were hand-painted movie posters of classical Hollywood films, all created by one self-trained local artist. The town was beautiful, yet no photos of it could be found online or in any books. It had at one point been the heart of cinema in Japan, but now was a forgotten memory. Through her many trips back to the city over the course of three years, Chantal Stoman captured an intimate portrait of its urban beauty. Additionally, her work hugely impacted the town and its residents, shining light onto a town that was previously unknown to the world and forgotten by its own country. Chantal Stoman's documentary captures in real-time the reaction Ōme's inhabitants have to the town becoming famous once again due to the Ōmecittà project. 

Le Grand Numéro de Chanel 

Grand Palais Éphémère

22/12/15 - 23/01/09

STO_WO031 BD.jpg

From the classic to the iconic, from the pure to the greatest sophistication, from the everyday object to the art object having inspired the greatest artists - some of whose works will be brought together for the first time - it is all the uniqueness of CHANEL perfumes which is expressed through a visit rich in experiences, discoveries and emotions. To venture to meet them is to meet a destiny, a vital force and a single ambition: that of transforming life and making the ordinary extraordinary.

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